My Career, Regrets and Victories by Bill Carter

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My story at one point of my life! Read about my one-time investment regret, and one-time career victory…

My name’s Bill Carter and there I am up there sipping tea. I really love this picture hence I like representing myself with it always. Mr. Froggy simply sips on with the mindset of “life’s good”, and “that’s my philosophy”.

I am a trained Human resource personnel and career counselor in New York. I also have an office in Florida where I run an agency to serve the needs of employers and employees; bridging the job marketplace with its stakeholders. I run this career blog, established for the sole purpose of helping career people get it right!

While a lot of people think everything I do turns GOLD, I wish to let everyone know that I am human and have my good times, bad times, successes & failures, just as everyone else does. I can only say I have learned how to handle situations through experience. Even while sipping tea like froggy at my office or home, smiling and looking like a winner all time, I could secretly be nursing some funny emotions or weird thoughts; like jumping off the 9th floor if a particular deal didn’t click. Such crazy thought that won’t ever happen because I truly love my life! It happens to us all J

The poor and rich have their strengths and weaknesses. In my life time, I have seen the ultimately rich folks who would give up all they had just to have what the poor folk have. So many pointers and instances to site in this context, but obviously I have seen the rich sick and depressed dude envying the poor healthy and happy dude; and vice versa.

What am trying to point out here is that life has its ups and downs, full of surprises, and then the best way to live it, is to live for the day with positive mental attitude, good hopes and expectations, love, gratitude, focus & direction.



While you might think this regret is not career related; I would like to let you know that investment in itself is a part of career-skill in many arenas.

I have missed few great opportunities in life and gotten some really outstanding ones!

This is one of such >>> I truly regret missing out on BITCOIN because right under my nose & watch, I was missing the profits.

I had the capital to invest, I even registered with blockchain and coinbase just to get started; and I advised lots of friends, family members, and even people from afar to buy into cryptocurrency. BTC was just rising day by day, and I was just talking and talking about it. Every person who took my advice and felt I was genius enough to be listened to – now have made more than X 10 of their initial investment. One particular fellow who was down with cash and was looking for business to do – invested his only $27,000 and today (just 3 years after), his capital is worth over $270,000 and will keep rising.

Now here I was then with $80,000 to invest, and I was just preaching about it; looking at the price charts and telling everyone who cared to listen – the potentials of Bitcoin and how it would make lots of future millionaires.

That $80,000 would have been close to $1 million today, and as I write this, I really REGRET missing that opportunity to grow the fund in such rapid movement. It’s a bit too highly priced at the moment, and I am a bit skeptical at investing now, even though it still has loads of prospects.

LESSON LEARNED: AVOID Procrastination! For many, procrastination is a major stumbling block to their success; such people should therefore learn to conquer this weakness.

Okay, that was my regret; what about what I am about to say next!

At that period, I did have other things going for me. I registered a new business to focus on job recruitment. My goal with this recruitment agency is to have the right skilled candidates available for the right employers of labor across the globe.

My game is to have candidates with the hottest career skills that are in hot demand by employers. Knowing and having a guaranteed list of these hottest career skills; I looked for candidates I could train. I focused much in having highly skilled certified python programmers, ethical hackers, data analysts, cyber security experts among others.

These were candidates I made sure understood business and connections. My part in the deal is to SPONSOR greenhorns in getting trained and certified in these career skill-sets and I use online training portal like COURSERA that offers world-class training & certifications in conjunction with top universities from around the globe, majorly U.S.A. This provides a guaranteed way to achieve this goal. According to a survey published in Harvard Business Review – 87 percent of people who completed online courses on Coursera with the intention of advancing their careers reported benefits including a promotion, a new job, or a salary raise.

Once a candidate is fully trained and certified which usually lasts between 1, 2, 3 and 6 months, depending on the course and level of specialization required to get the best job; and series of tests passed, I would CONNECT the candidate with the right employer. This is easy for me to do because I do have a credible list of employers that I have built over the years through effective networking.

At the end of day, when the candidate receives monthly salary, we split it 85%, 15%, and the contract will last for one year. Thereafter – the entire 100% will belong to the candidate all through the job tenure whether life time or contract.

With about 97 employees currently under my establishment – working with hot market employers under this contract, I make some cool 5-figure contract profit monthly.

I am happy about this; the candidates are also very happy, and I call it the success/victory investment that wipes away my “BITCOIN regrets” whenever I think about BTC.

Now some folks say that I am greedy with 15% monthly for one year contract, some others feel this business strategy is unethical. But I see it as creating opportunity & success for every party involved: for the business, myself, the candidates, the employers (since I give them first-class candidates), other stake holders, and then the society at large.

When I thought about these things recently, I felt I should share this via this medium here. It might just encourage someone reading this right now, and some others might hit the jackpot in this content. Success in one field is replicable!

I would like to stop here. Please leave your comment/opinion in the comment box below as you scroll down. Am I really greedy or is my business strategy unethical?

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