Benefits of Investment Banking Career and Certification

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Investment banking career is as hot as the name connotes.

Economics of Money and Banking

So if you ask if it is worth the investment, our answer is a big YES. If you are a banker or someone in the finance sector looking at UPGRADING your skill, or if you are just starting out in this career path, this content is for you.

Every now and then, multiple thousands of intelligent folks all over the globe coming from some of the best institutions choose to venture into the arena of investment banking.


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Investment banking career is a competitive arena of high finance with so many benefits including high job demand, high salary & other financial rewards, high-profile business deals & loads of outstanding training.

Investment banking career requires absolute sacrifice as when you get into the profession, its activities will demand most of your time, commitment and work. If you fit into such personality, who is ready to put in your best, staying genuinely ambitious and motivated to reach the highest in the career path; investment banking is suitable for you.

Investment banking career also stands as a world-class training platform for several other notable professions and as an impressive addition to your CV/resume.

While you are seen as a very busy person once you become a certified investment banker, you also enjoy the following perks:

Compulsory vacations

Investment bankers enjoy better vacations that are probably more enjoyable than other vocations. You will be mandated to totally unplug from work for complete 2 weeks. No conference calls, no talking to clients, no responding to email, with no one bothering you. This vacation is practically required for every investment banker.

Adaptable skillset

Where other career paths have somewhat defined track, investment banking doesn’t. Investment banking career is adaptable and the skillset can be leveraged to consulting, buy side, or corporate finance, etc.

You can work for a bank, and as well successfully launch your own firm due to your vast knowledge of finance & how companies function.

Working with smart people who directly make you smarter

Investment bankers are surrounded by other smart, career-driven, tenacious individuals. The profits of lengthy, concentrated relations with those other folks cannot be disregarded; as you become a better person.

High pay for Investment bankers

Investment banking career offers one of the best pays in the job sector. You enjoy high salary pay, bonus payouts, and so much more.

Great lifestyle

You will enjoy staying at the best of hotels world-wide & you will eat great foods from some of the fanciest places (all expenses paid by your company).


Investment banking is a professional field and the career prepares you as a professional to be reckoned with in diverse sectors of the economy. Your skillset is required in almost every industry; hence the job demand is high for those highly qualified individuals.

Best Investment Banking Online Course Certification Recommendation – best online classes:

If you are a banker looking at UPGRADING your skill, or if you are just starting out in this career path, this is for you. Among several online training platforms including those of investment banking courses Udemy, investment banking courses from other institution, the best we can recommend is investment banking course COURSERA. The course is provided by veterans in the field who know all about investment banking and will provide you 100% knowledge of the program (practically). The course fee is also reasonably priced putting into consideration the full package you will be getting which include training and certification.

We would recommend you begin with some training in Economics of Money and Banking. This is for people who work in banks or finance but have no background in economics or finance (IT folks, lawyers), graduate students in economics and also other social sciences (history, international political economy, anthropology), and adult learners who sense the importance of the subject and want to find out how to think more deeply about it. Find out more about this at COURSERA.

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  1. Outstanding article. Will work towards earning a certification on this soonest. My friends have already currently enrolled and say well about the course. Just need to clear up certain things and will be back in January to fully start. My best wishes.

  2. Hi, great post. Will consider this career option as I have always fascinated about going into investment banking fully. I think the course outline as recommended is also what I have been precisely looking for online. All the best!

  3. Nothing can be better said. I have practiced as an investment banker for years and it is one of the most demanding career though very lucrative. Your course upgrade recommendation is quite handy and have already subscribed to it. Nice read!

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