Benefits of Cyber Security Career in the 21st Century & beyond

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Benefits of Cyber Security Career

Cyber Security and its growth potential

You might be reading this content now simply because you have heard or read about the high salary benefit that cyber security personnel get either as a freelancer, or as gainfully employed in a private or government firm! It is absolutely true; cyber security career offers huge salaries, outstanding advantages & seemingly boundless employment and job openings.

As a certified cyber security career person, you are saddled with the responsibility of performing duties that are essentially vital to the security of highly-sensitive data. Your job as a certified cyber security career expert is to secure databases, protect websites & devices connected to the World Wide Web from malicious hack attacks.

Cyber security job is one of the prestigious IT security jobs that offer you the platform to be fully driven by it, as you will definitely have love for it, since it’s exclusively rewarding and interesting, creatively challenging, meaningful, and fulfilling.


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As a certified cyber security career expert – your job may relate to national importance, as you might be responsible for safeguarding top secret government data; warding off online attacks that might paralyze a nation’s electronic system. With this skill, you will be able to save situations that might want to compromise national safety.

In current times, cyber attacks are becoming more rampant & far reaching as (IoT) Internet of Things keeps growing. This has opened up a vast need for cyber security experts, and those individuals that will get certified this period will surely have jobs waiting for them with huge benefits attached.

As a certified cyber security expert, private and government sectors will best rely on your skills to help keep personal, business or government information safe. You will be able to avert cyber terrorism, enemy forces – and other malicious attacks planned against data stored online.

Cyber Security as a Booming Career Field

As stated above, the need for certified cyber security experts is increasing on daily basis and is 5 times more demanded than other IT jobs currently. In fact, with regards to the general job marketplace, cyber security job is 10 times more in demand than others. Currently, this field of career has a staffing deficit ranging between 20,000 & 40,000. From statistics and research, cyber security expert job deficit will possibly stay so for years or decades, and only the smart career persons will plug in now!

This means that people who are duly certified as cyber security experts by taking cyber security certification courses online or at an accredited institution – will have substantial amount of career opportunities for several years to come.

In as much as the World Wide Web will continue to be around, the need for cyber security experts will continue to be on the rise. Speaking from experience and research, cyber security career offers loads of peace of mind that is quite more treasured than its financial rewards.

Cyber Security Expert Responsibilities

Once you make up your mind to study cyber security course – you will be trained as a Cyber incident response personnel, Vulnerability & detection assessment personnel, Digital forensic personnel, Cyber risk & strategic analysis personnel, Network/system engineering personnel, with topnotch Investigation techniques among others…

Best Cyber Security Certification Course Online Recommendation – best online classes

COURSERA cyber security certification course online is one of the best we can proudly recommend to students who desire to go into this line of career field. It is being taught by veterans in the field and fully prepares you to enter this highly demanding and lucrative line of work. Once you are certified, businesses and government agencies & even everyday individuals will have complete confidence required to conduct businesses online because you are there to help them take care of things in this internet-connected world!

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Cyber Security Salary Range

Your salary range as a certified cyber security expert would vary based on whether you are working in a private sector or public sector. Basically – this will range between $48,000 entry role level and $120,000.

In this field, you will be able to work with the latest technology in the industry, thus adding up as one of the excitement elements of the job.

Getting a JOB as a certified cyber security expert

The job marketplace for certified cyber security experts is large. You can become certified today, tidy up your CV, and apply online.

Job prospects abound everywhere as far as this career field is concerned; you can network your way through LinkedIn where other experts and businesses would need your expertise, and you can connect with friends and family members that could know one or two people from the private or public sector that could help. It is a career path that is without struggles, mostly at this period of time where there is shortage of experts and yet very high demand for them!

Are you ready to take on this prestigious IT security career path; Get your cyber security certification online at COURSERA – from industry experts in the field…

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