5 Hot in Demand & Best IT Skills for Your Career Consideration

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5 Hot in Demand & Best IT Skills

For the ideal jobs you need to succeed in life, consider the following IT skills to your success in 2018 and beyond.

Every year, the IT marketplace keeps expanding – looking for the right candidates to fill in as dedicated employees to work in both private and public sectors. The problem however is that there is insufficient qualified candidates to fill in these positions. With several IT job openings, you can practically get certified online and fill in the gap, earning satisfying wages, while other folks that are not certified go on lamenting. The only difference between you and such folks – is that you decided to take action in the right direction.

This is why this content focuses on the5 hottest and best IT jobs this period. This is based on market data, revealing the exact skills you require stepping into these open positions. Below are the 5 best IT skills with job roles that business owners and recruitment executives require to get you in their board:



1.     Software / Application Developers

Forbes recently ranked Software Developers 5th position within the 2017 Fastest Growing Career in the U.S. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics mentioned that this career choice will create more than 180,000 new positions within the next 7 years. To be a highly skilled software developer that will gainfully secure software development jobs, your skills would have to center around specific programming language such as Python programming, Java programming, JavaScript, C#, & PHP. You can further read Forbes 5 most in-demand coding languages in the U.S. as of today.

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2.     Security Analyst – Centered on GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance)


From research, it was found that 1 in 4 companies require more of security, compliance, and governance experts in their employ. A certified Security Analyst has to have knowledge and application of ISO 27001 & 27002 frameworks. The candidate should be able to utilize the NIST SP 800-37 R1 Risk Management Framework as this will help in addressing risk across any enterprise. The ideal IT skill-set to become a certified security analyst is to have cyber security certification and you will be fully trained from the basics to the highest level. This will help you meet the needs of prospective employers hungry for certified experts in this field.

To get the best certification as a security analyst, we recommend getting the best cyber security certification online training at COURSERA.

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3.     Cloud Skills centered on SaaS

More than 20% of respondents and businesses need IT experts with skills majoring in cloud computing & Software as a Service (SaaS). Explicit virtualization skills in Amazon AWS, VMware, & Microsoft Hyper-V in cloud hosting can help you secure good jobs in this field. Also having knowledge in DevOps, containers, IPv6 & the whole cloud stack will help hugely in this regards. Get fully trained from the basics to the highest level knowledge at Coursera.

Get the best Cloud computing & Software as a Service (SaaS) training with globally recognized certification – Find out more of Cloud Computing with training/certification

4.     Data Analytics /Business Intelligence / Visualization

About 30% of IT employment decision-makers say they require business intelligence & data analytics experts in 2018 and much more in coming years. To fit into these positions, the ideal candidate needs to have some high math skills, engineering skills, data mining skills, and statistical skills. These job positions require profound, extensive experience across database technologies with prominence on analytical & reporting tools. Get trained in the basics and up to the highest level program knowledge at affordable fee at Coursera.

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5.     Big Data

Big data as a career skill is in high demand this period and it’s highly lucrative – paying you highly satisfying wages. As a Big Data skilled worker, you will be working with structured & unstructured data. You will deliver mining insights that your company will find extensively useful for innovations & advancement. Some of the skill-set that will be required include Oracle, Hadoop, & big data centered computer languages like Scala.

You can get full training from the basics to the highest skill level in BIG DATA at Coursera.

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Why we recommend only Coursera online courses for our selected career training approved suggestions:

Coursera provides online access to the world’s best education. More than 20 million learners from around the globe have come to Coursera to take courses offered by its partners, universities like the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and top international universities.

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We hope the list serves you right. You only need to choose one out of the 5 IT skills, get recommended certification (best online classes) as we have suggested, become a master at it, apply for job, and live your career dreams!

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  2. Wonderful post done here! This is what I have been seeking for my career direction. Well Appreciated, thank you great team. Just registered for big data course and believe this will greatly impact my career choice and job in 2018.

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